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About Me



the female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth. synonyms:
monarch, sovereign, head of state, ruler, Crown, Her Majesty; More



a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe.

My mom would say I sound crazy, but so has everyone else who wasn’t into deep stuff...I heard one day years ago, the two words, “Angel Martin” And I thought to myself ...I got to look up the definition of these words.

Angel means MESSENGER.

17 years later, I finally submitted to the message from God (I think it was…)

I’m here to give you a MESSAGE.

You are and were meant to live Heaven on Earth. Period the end.

Anything less than that is something we have been told for hundreds of years.

And you can be told something else.

You are and were meant to live Heaven on Earth. Period the end.

The body, the money, the spiritual connection to your higher power (however you decide that is up to you), a wonderful relationship with your family (we can heal our relationships with family) and a gorgeous romantic life….all the other stuff you want. How you want it, where you want it….all of it.

You are and were meant to live Heaven on Earth. Period the end.
And then there was “Martin”
It means, “WARRIOR”
I have another MESSAGE.
I want you to sit back and think of all the things you say,
“I can’t…”
“I just can’t seem to…”
“I don’t know how…”
“I’m trying but…”
That’s a victim mindset.
It’s not God.
It’s not the universe.
It’s YOU playing a VICTIM.
And you were meant to be a WARRIOR.
You were meant to be able to fight for your heaven on earth.

You were meant to be such a brilliant warrior that knows how to sit on her throne and win without doing a damn thing.
While someone else fights for you.
That’s where I come in...Think Wonder Woman training.
Go watch that movie now.
Or the first 15 minutes.
I train you to RULE.
You were meant to rule.
You are a queen.
So stop.
And get your heaven on earth.

And rule. Like the queen you are.
Stragegy of a queen.
The queen on the chess board.
Think stragegy.
Think surrender.
Think careful stragegic thinking that knows all
That knows where the sabotaging behaviors come from
And how they come at you

Imagine knowing their best plays Imagine knowing their plans to cut you down
Imagine all your sabotaging behaviors, enemies, abusers, doubters, naysayers…
Surrender to you because you know their stragegy.
That’s where I come in.

I’m your mindset stragegist.